Skates, SkatingIf you are just beginning any kind of skating, it is usually a good idea to use roller skates. Roller skates create a much more stable base for you. It is easier to achieve balance and ability. Roller skates are devices that are worn on the feet; it enables the wearer to roll along on wheels. Roller skating looks a lot similar to walking, except on wheels. Learning the basics of roller skating will increase your confidence. To learn skating, first, let practice walking in your skates on grass or carpet until you can maintain balance. After that when you feel confident in rolling, learn how to pick up your feet one at a time and step forward in a diagonal direction. Now propel yourself forward. This way, you will be skating around the rink in no time.

Roller skating is a fun activity. It is a great form of exercise, a competitive sport, or a mode of fun transportation. Once you learn the proper posture of skating and how to glide and stop, you will be sailing around the rink in no time. Roller skates also known as Quad skates, Quad means four. So, in Roller skates, you have four wheels in two columns. This type of rectangular arrangement at the bottom of your feet gives you a tremendous amount of stability. Through this, it is easier to stand up and achieve some sort of balance.

Skates Class

Skate class at Patrachar Group of Institutions is the best place for beginners to start learning to skate. Learning how to roller skates can be one of the most rewarding things for you. This will develop confidence in you while having fun. You can learn skate easily by taking our skates classes. We have coaches, trainers, and counsellors committed to building players. We never lose sight of our ultimate goal, i.e. to help you to grow, excel and succeed in skating. Our dedicated and hardworking coaches always look for innovative tricks and ideas that suit the individual needs of every trainee instead of relying on a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

What you will learn

  • Standing on wheels
  • The proper way to fall & get up
  • Marching in place, marching forward, two-foot glide and dip
  • Forward skating and forward one-foot glides
  • Forward and backward swizzles
  • How to spin, one-foot spin, turn, and crossovers
  • Forward inside three-turns
  • Backward to forward two-foot turns