Patrachar Group of Institutions provide Adobe Photoshop course which aims at enhancing the required skill set of the students to excel in the particular field. The methodologies we use to teach Photoshop course are very effective and the latest curriculum is followed. Photoshop is used by many professionals in the media industry.


Patrachar Group of Institutions is popular place to learn basic computer training in Delhi, Noida and Ghaziabad by experienced faculty that delivers lecture on theoretical as well as computer labs. We are best institute for providing Photoshop course in Delhi with free demo classes so students can familiar with our trainers and know what course syllabus they will cover and free life time membership card for course so student can visit any time after completion of course. Photoshop allows web designers to produce a wide variety of optimized graphics, including background images, banners, navigation elements and any other images you require on your website. During Photoshop training you will learn how to create and optimize your images for the web.

Course Syllabus :

Introduction to Photoshop
»  Introducing Adobe Photoshop
»  Moving a Selection from One Image into Another
»  Correcting Colors
»  Fixing Details with the Clone Stamp Tool
»  Using Adjustment Layers
»  Sharpening the Focus
»  Creating a Dramatic Sky & Cropping the Image
»  Text Effects
»  Setting Preferences
»  Choosing Color Settings
»  Choosing Creative Suite Color Settings
»  Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts. Organizing Palettes & Saving Workspaces

Navigation and Resolution, Zooming an Image
»  Scrolling & Panning
»  Changing Resolution & Image Size.
»  Upsampling an Image
»  Downsampling an Image. Using the Navigator     Palette
»  Customizing Your View

Clone, Heal, and Patch
»  Introducing the Clone Stamp Tool
»  Compositing with the Clone Stamp Tool
»  Using the Spot Healing Brush Tool
»  The Healing Brush & the Options Bar
»  Healing &Fading
»  Creating Textures & Patterns
»  Using the Patch Tool

Using the Selection Tools
»  Introducing the Selection Tools
»  Using the Magic Wand Tool
»  Exploring Magic Wand Options
»  Using the Grow & Similar Commands
»  Selecting with the Polygonal Lasso Tool
»  Selecting with the Marquee Tool

Introducing Layers
»  Customizing the Layers Palette
»  Creating a Layer Via Copy
»  Using the Spherize Command & the Eraser Tool
»  Moving Layers in the Canvas
»  Blending Layers
»  Creating a Clipping Mask
»  Changing the Layer Order
»  Using the Fade Command
»  Using a Levels Adjustment Layer
»  Activating a Layer & Making a Composite
»  Resizing the Canvas

Masks and Channels
»  Selecting an Image with the Magic Wand Tool
»  Using the Channels Palette & Mixing Channels
»  Choosing a Blend Mode Best Suited for a Mask
»  Using the Variations Tool to Improve a Mask
»  Fixing the Edge of a Mask Using Inner Glow
»  Selecting a Color Channel Best Suited for a Mask
»  Adjusting Levels in a Color Channel
»  Using the Dodge & Burn Tools to Make a Mask
»  Inverting & Combining Channels for Mask Edges

Transform and Warp
»  Introducing Transformations
»  Masking with the Levels Command
»  Using Free Transform
»  Duplicating Transformations
»  Transforming Selections
»  Masking with the Calculations Command
Printing and Output
»  Using the Print with Preview Command
»  Exploring Output Options. Managing Color
»  Using the Printer Dialog Box
»  Using the Contact Sheet II Command
»  Creating a Picture Package
»  Creating a Web Photo Gallery

»  Introducing Actions
»  Creating a Custom Action
»  Modifying an Action
»  Playing an Action
»  Loading & Saving Actions
»  Deleting & Adding Steps in an Action
»  Applying a Gradient Map
»  Correcting Anti-Aliasing
»  Adding a Drop Shadow

and Much More…

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