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Many students preparing for competition like NEET / JEE join non attending / dummy school to balance their competition and school education, the way competition is increasing in the field of preparation of NEET and JEE.

Today, non attending / dummy schooling is becoming a very important character in it. Because students cannot manage both competition and school simultaneously.

For Example: like the child left home at 7 in the morning and then reached home at 2 or 3 in the afternoon then after resting for a while, went out for coaching again and then reached home at 8 pm. now you calculate its total time took about 13 hours. Now think to yourself, when will the child do the home work of school and the home work of coaching, if a student studies for 13 hours daily his main subjects (PCM/PCB) and for full year, then what happen you can think?

CBSE Non-Attending 2023-22

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Benefits of Non Attending / Dummy schooling:

There are many benefits of dummy / non attending schooling, the way competition is increasing today, everyone wants to get ahead of each other. As we all know, if we want success in any competition, the first thing we need is time because all the competitions are time taken.

We have some schools of Delhi CBSE in which dummy / non attending admission will be done, for this you do not have to take admission through any coaching institute, whether you do self study or coaching from your favorite institutes or coaching from outside of Delhi, no problem.

Today schools are charging huge amount from parents by running online classes, which is absolutely free in today’s date.

If you are class 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th student, I recommend taking a dummy / non attending admission in the school & “save money” and preparing for any competition like Medical (NEET), Engineering (IIT JEE) or Other.