Judo and KarateJudo and Karate are the types of Martial arts of Japanese origin. Both Judo and Karate have distinct characteristics. Judo is what could be called a soft martial art mainly involving body movements against an opponent. Karate can be termed as a hard martial art where blows are landed on the body of the opponent. A Karate exponent would strike an opponent whereas somebody practicing Judo would effort to throw him. Karate man would better a man to submission. Whereas a Judo man would hold with, wrap or trap an opponent, the effort aimed at tiring down the opponent.

A Karate man takes his energy from the earth and uses it against his opponent in the form of blocks and counter assaults. In Judo, energy is drawn away from the opponent by redirecting it towards the earth by tossing the opponent down. As a sports Karate involves earning points for kicking and punching your opponent. Whereas in Judo points are to be had for grappling and throwing your opponent as one would in wrestling.

Judo and Karate Class

The Judo and Karate class at Patrachar Group of Institutions will give you the confidence you need to enter the mats knowing your basics are solid. Why is this Judo and Karate course different than all the other ones out there? The answer is efficiency! The efficiency is a key element and this is what we had in mind to create this course for you. Patrachar Group of Institutions has Judo and Karate classes for complete beginners and experienced students. You are welcome here to clearly define your own goals. The progress of each individual is important to us and we recognise that we all have different needs and preferences. We promise to help you to achieve your goals.

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This course will help you if you suffer from gaps in the basics of Judo and Karate and do not feel confident with larger, stronger, faster opponents on the mat. This course will help to solve your all doubts and allow you to start getting the success you deserve. Martial arts such as Judo and Karate can be a positive and healthy activity for your child if they are involved in a discipline that matches their interests and personality. If you are a parent who wants your child to have an extra edge in class or competitions of Judo and Karate, use this course to take them to the next level.