At Patrachar Group of Institutions, our Java course is designed to equip students and professional for developing industrial-strength computer applications and think about software developing and program design. Java course is aimed at those who have prior programming skills.Through the Java course,the student will develop their thinking about software development and program design. Java Training include OOPS concepts, advanced features, program design and the use of various packages.


Our industrial training program is the practical knowledge for students. We provide opportunity to working on live projects along with step-by-step guides for learners who are looking for enhance their career in IT and Web Development industries. Each student will develop different web applications using various tools of Java/J2EE. Our industrial training program is very fast, challenge and fun for students. Now those who want to get exciting career in IT industry can join our 6 months programs offered by us.

We also provide some of the different training on Java Platform such as JAVA application development, Android apps development, mobile apps development, iphone and ios development. Now participants can get a lot of benefits of our industrial training programs.

On completion of this course you will:

  • Be experienced in writing Java applications
  • Be able to define applets and the applet life cycle.
  • Be able to discuss object-oriented theory, including abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism.
  • Be able to directly apply relevant skills in the workplace in the latest project using Java.
  • Be able to control I/O operations and write strong code around such operations.
  • Be able to discuss and apply the various remoting techniques.
  • Be able to design security controls and incorporate into applications.
  • Appreciate issues relating to data access and work with various approaches to design of data layers.
  • Have attained the necessary pre-requisites to attend more advanced Java or other programming.

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