Japanese, Japanese language, Japanese language courseJapan is widely accepted as one of the most technologically and socially advanced and developed countries in the world. Although the country of Japan is made up of 6852 islands, it is brought together by its rich heritage, traditions, and culture. The language of Japan is called Japanese. Literally, the Japanese language is a form of art. It is one of the only pictographic languages left, and also one of the fastest spoken languages. You can open your world to a fascinating and exciting culture, with Japanese classes at Patrachar Group of Institutions.

Despite being most difficult foreign language to learn, Japanese is the most popular foreign language that has international significance. Japanese companies are among the leading, largest, well-known and most efficiently running companies in the world. Some of the familiar names include Toshiba, Casio, Canon, Sanyo, Toyota, etc. If you are in the field of engineering, business, research, manufacturing, economics or IT and looking to work in a foreign country, Japan will be the ideal destination for you.

Japanese Language Course

Patrachar Group of Institutions is a pioneer in offering Japanese Training in New Delhi. Our experienced Japanese trainers offer you quality training and realize the difference in shaping your career. The training is handled by our skilled tutors, the course mainly focuses on improving your Japanese communication skills. We focus on very important aspects of learning a foreign language via lively discussions, extensive audio and video tutorials, and best teaching materials. Based on your requirement, we also offer customized training. Enroll in our Japanese course in New Delhi to learn Japanese from experts.

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Japanese grammar is quite simple and straightforward but it is very different from English grammar. So most English speakers find it rather confusing. For instance, in Japanese, the verb always comes at the end of the sentence. The Japanese Language Course follows a structured method of learning and teaching. This method, interestingly, enables the learners to get to know the basic and finer points of Japanese very fast. And as a result, they are able to speak Japanese fluently within a short period of time.

Main Features of Our Japanese Language Course

  • Japanese Language classes provide individual training, structured materials with audio and video lessons make learning the Japanese language easy and effortless.
  • Our intensive Japanese course sessions improve the skills of the participants in Reading, Writing, Understanding, and Speaking.
  • As part of the Japanese Speaking Course, we conduct regular sessions for improving your listening and speaking skills.
  • Our Japanese language class includes business ethics and culture familiarization programme