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Every student wants to learn the perfect art of handwriting, but the fact is that every 3rd school going child has a problem with it. To improve the handwriting of kids, parents and teachers advise them to write properly, neatly, big or small, slowly, etc. But these are all unclear advice; nobody tells them how to write.

Even in this digital age, the quality of handwriting demonstrates a profound aspect on your academic as well as professional life. As a parent, it is natural to want to improve the quality of writing of your kid. With good handwriting, your kids easily demonstrate his thought on copy and ensure great legibility. The simplest way to do this is to get the correct, scientifically developed and time-tested expert help for you or your children from a tender age.

Some Facts about Handwriting

  • 80% of teachers would feel relieved to check copies, notebooks and answer sheets coming with good handwriting.
  • Poor handwriting may irritate a teacher and may even request him or her to mark the student low especially during tests and exams.
  • Students who have good writing receive better marks during an evaluation.

Handwriting Improvement Course

Do you want to appear more professional in your college or school? Want to receive higher grades? You can improve your academic life by improving your handwriting with the course we provide at Patrachar Group of Institutions.  Even people with difficult to read handwriting have seen significant improvement with our class. This course easily and quickly guides you through the tips of fluid, automatic and legible handwriting.  Each tip and lesson is elaborate by specially design practice pages so you can quickly see improvement.  You will learn how to incorporate your new skills into your everyday life. There are also some bonus lectures on pencil grip, styles, and tips for left-handers.

NIOS: The Largest Open Schooling System

Here at Patrachar Group of Institutions, we adopt scientific methods developed by experts having experience in the field of handwriting. These methods of handwriting are based on the findings of experts having researched through thousands of handwriting samples and identified 56+ types of possible errors in Roman writing. This course not only helps to improve handwriting but it also helps to write accurately. As each letter has its own identity, therefore we emphasize on each letter and its correct creation. There is no shortcut for good writing and penmanship. Training at Patrachar Group of Institutions is based on identifying technical errors and focusing 100% on repair of these errors.

Who are the target people?

  • High school students looking to improve grades
  • SAT test takers
  • Business people and medical professionals
  • Professionals using whiteboards or flip charts
  • Workers using handwritten communications such as forms
  • Teachers or tutors
  • Anyone that wants more legible writing
  • Anyone wanting to improve the look of their handwriting