Freestyle Dance

Freestyle dance is a non-choreographed dance form. It usually involves dancers pulling together a bunch of dance moves and fitting them to the music. Freestyle dance is a way of dancing in which the dancers improvise their moves on the spot, like they dances, instead of having them planned beforehand (i.e. choreography).

In its most extreme form of dancing, it is the very opposite of dances which include choreography. However, freestyle dance can be argued that such an extreme level can never be reached. As we all to some degree of plan our moves before the performance. Having heard the music before, dancer is bound to unconsciously plan for different parts of freestyle dancing. The moves that have been choreograph beforehand will necessarily be a part of the freestyle dance. This can be seen in many freestyle dance competitions where dancers, although apparently freestyle dancing, still performs trademark moves or sequences they have practiced earlier.

Types of Freestyle Dance

When it comes about the Freestyle dance, there are mainly two types of freestyle dances. Let’s describe both of them in points.

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  1. Suppose you are a dancer or suppose that you like to dance and people know about that. So, one day you are asked by your friends or family members “Hey! Come up”. Show us some cool steps and you know that you cannot resist at all. So, you go to the dance stage and you just do whatever you like without any preparation or choreography. That dancing is called Freestyle dancing.
  2. The second type of freestyle dance is what you see in dance shows like they mention the dance form of people they are performing. This freestyle means that there is not any particular dance form they are doing. They are just mixing different forms of dance steps and dance on the stage and a dance collective of different dancing forms are known as Freestyle dance.

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Freestyle Dance Classes

Freestyle dance is a style of physical movement, usually done to music that is not choreographed or planned ahead of time of performance. It occurs in many genres, including those where people dance with their partners. By definition, this kind of dance style is never the same from performance to performance. Although freestyle dance can be done both formally and informally. People usually like it not only because it is fun and good exercise, but also because it is a form of confidence-boosting self-expression dance style.

Freestyle dance is mostly the combination of best movements of hand and leg. There are some points you may follow to have good freestyle dancing:

  • Firstly you should have a little bit of dance knowledge like wave – body wave and hand wave, Moonwalk- round moonwalk and side moonwalk and slow motion.
  • Secondly, you should exercise for having full control of body movements. Loosen your body which is best helpful in freestyle dancing.
  • One of the best movements that are most helpful in freestyle dancing is to learn shuffling moves.
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