Almost all competitive exams such as SSC, Bank, Railway, B.Ed. etc. are Aptitude exams. They test the aptitude & mental ability of a student. Competitive exams generally have the following sections: Quantitative Aptitude, English, Logical Reasoning, and General Awareness. These exams also test the Computer Awareness of students. Not only do competitive exams test a student on the above-mentioned sections but they also check whether a student can handle pressure and work well within the given time duration or not. The common aspect among all such exams is that the number of questions is more than the specified time. Right question selection and maximizing score, therefore become the essential elements for success.

Competitive Exams Preparation Classes

Patrachar Group of Institutions provides quality competitive exams coaching in Delhi for Banking, SSC, Railways, B.Ed. and more. If you are preparing for one of these competitive exams then feel free to contact Patrachar Group of Institutions. Our teaching approach is absolutely exam oriented and we focus on improving the Speed and Accuracy of our students. Special methods, shortcuts, and tricks are taught in our classes through which a student is able to crack even the toughest questions in less time duration. Without the knowledge of such shortcuts and tricks, success in exams becomes most difficult for you. Especially, subjects such as Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning become very difficult to tackle if you use the traditional problem-solving approach which is learned at school, which is quite time-consuming.

Apart from it, we also sharpen the test-taking skills of our students as succeeding in competitive exams requires much more than just knowing the subjects. To sharpen these skills we conduct regular tests at our study centers. The tests are then followed by a one-to-one discussion so that the students can improve their performance further. In fact, the focus is laid on analyzing the mistakes, learning from them and not repeating them in the future. Our dedicated and expert teaching team adopt the ground breaking, meticulous and extremely lucid methods of teaching supplement. They self-develop the conceptual tricks, interactive teaching methods, and techniques.

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Strategies for Competitive Exams Preparation

In order to crack the competitive exam, it is important that you have your strategy in place, and plan to prepare.

We have listed out a few pointers for you to consider upon:

1. Understand Syllabus and Structure

Before you even think to apply for the exam, first try to understand the syllabus and structure of the competitive exam comprehensively. Student, who skips this step or takes this step lightly, is the one who eventually regret later. Properly going through this step, it will give you basic idea and overview of the hard work you will need to put in, and books, help, and materials you will require.

2. Go through the previous year’s exam and pattern

Next on the list for you should be to go through the previous year exam question paper and pattern of the question paper. This exercise will help you understand that which portion of the syllabus is more important for the exam. This strategy will give you an idea about what to read and learn. So, make sure you take this step seriously. Remember, try to make note of all the important things while doing this exercise.

3. Prepare an action plan

It is important that you study under a fixed action plan that also includes a weekly and monthly schedule. So, you are able to complete and revise your syllabus twice in time effectively. Any workable and strong action plan is good to do. All you need is to include a schedule to complete your syllabus and important parts of the syllabus that require your extra time. By proper planning, everything out you will be released of much of the burden and worry.

5. Get a help or contact us

If you want to get sure success in a competitive exam, then you need an expert help. When there are only 400 or fewer posts available and there are four lakh candidates applying for it, then you really need an expert help. Patrachar Group of Institutions offers competitive exams coaching in Delhi. Our teacher and subject matter experts have designed all our competitive exam courses. At our Institutions, we train our students on all the subjects which together constitute aptitude.

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