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CBSE Private Admission for Class 10th

CBSE is inviting the applications for the candidates who want to take CBSE class 10th Admission as a Private candidate. It is the best opportunity for those students who failed in class 9th from any school or for those students who unable to continue regular schooling for any reason and wants to study class 10th privately. Those students who have dropped out from their school or failed in board exam of class 10th from any recognized board in India also can take CBSE Private Admission for class 10th.

Education Council of India is offering class 10th CBSE private admission facility for the students who are unable to attend the regular classes in school. Students who are engaged in their job or in some other works due to which they cannot take regular classes. But they are willing to continue their study can apply for the CBSE class 10th Admission on a private basis. The private exam process is same as the CBSE board exam process. The study pattern, the syllabus and the result declaration is the same as that of any other private CBSE school.

Importance of Passing Class 10th

The school board exam of class 10th is an important milestone in any student’s life. After passing the class 10th exam (secondary school) and get the passing certificate, anyone can continue his or her studies in the regular schools of boards of education in India, in any state for class 12th. But according to the Indian schooling system, every school conducts the class 9th public examinations. It is mandatory for the students to attend and pass this exam for their further studies. Unfortunately, if students get fail in any subject in class 9th exam, they will be expelled from the regular schools. Those students who have failed in class 9th cannot join any regular schools for class 12th and they are forced to study the same class again.

For all of the unlucky students, there is still a hope to fulfill their ambition. CBSE Class 10th Admission as private candidates directs the way of each student who could not pass class 9th examination. By enrolling as students for CBSE Private Admission for class 10th, these students can complete their aim in school education and pass the respective course and seek their career opportunities gladly.

How Patrachar Group of Institutions Helps to Students

If you feel dejected about the failure of class 9th and miss the opportunity of studying in class 10th. You need not worry at all. Patrachar Group of Institutions is an educational organization established for the sole aim of helping out student community who have failed in their school final exams of class 9th and want to pass class 10th exam happily from CBSE Board. We are rendering valuable service in conducting special coaching classes to failed students through our educational experts and making them happy by scoring maximum marks in class 10th exams from CBSE board. Patrachar Group of Institutions conducts study centers in Delhi. We provide the regular coaching classes for the students at different timings through which students can choose the study time according to their convenience. There are some extra classes for those students who need extra time and guidance for the preparation of exams.

Patrachar Group of Institutions provide test series or test batches based on the CBSE class 10th admission exam pattern. The passing certificate given to the students is same as the certificate students get from another private school of CBSE. The fee structure is very affordable for the students. For this purpose, we use sophisticated equipment like study materials, notes, guides, previous year question papers etc. Therefore, student can sharpen up in his or her skill and face the class 10th board exam with renewed confidence.

About Patrachar Group of Institutions

Already thousands of students have brightened up their future, by the timely service of Patrachar Group of Institutions for the last many years. If you approach us for help, our expert professionals will take care of you in not only getting admission for CBSE Private Admission for class 10th but also prepare you well for appearing in CBSE class 10th public exam. Patrachar Group of Institutions also helps the students to fulfill their application form according to the criteria of CBSE board. We provide step by step guidance while filling the form of CBSE Private Admission. All the exam formalities are completed by us like filling your admission form for class 10th with correct particulars. We also give help in attaching all your required documents perfectly and submitting it to CBSE authorities. For the upcoming CBSE 10th Standard Public Examination, we provide the Admit Card and Hall Ticket to you.


Admission Enquiry

Eligibility to Appear in CBSE Private Examination

The following categories of the students shall be eligible to appear as private candidates at the CBSE Private Admission for class 10th of the Board:

  1. Students who have failed in the class 10th (Secondary School) examination conducted by the CBSE board.
  2. Teachers serving in educational institutions affiliated to the CBSE board.
  3. Women candidates who have privately pursued the prescribed course of study under proper guidance and they are unable to join a Secondary School (class 10th) affiliated to the CBSE board or there are such other reasons compelling them to appear at the examination as a private candidate.
  4. Physically handicapped students who can provide reasonable evidence of having difficulty to attend normal institutions.

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Documents Required for Class 10th CBSE Private Admission

  1. Original school leaving certificate is required if you are pass or failed in class 9th from a regular recognized school. The certificate is duly countersigned by the education officer of the area.
  2. You have to submit your original date of birth certificate issued by the local municipal corporation if you have studied privately up to class 9th.
  3. Those students who have passed or failed in class 8th with one year gap have to submit the original school leaving certificate which is duly countersigned by the education officer of the area.
  4. The student must have completed 14 years of age as on 31st March in the year in which you want to take admission.
  5. As a proof of residence, the student may enclose the self-attested copy of any one of the following documents:
  • Ration Card showing the name of the student in the legible form
  • The Voter ID Card showing the name of the student in legible form. In the case of a minor, the Voter ID Card of parents is also acceptable
  • Passport of the student
  • Electricity bill or landline bill
  • Current rent agreement in the name of parents as a tenant
  • Self-attested photocopy of driving license in the name of candidate issued from Delhi Transport Authority.
  • Self-attested photocopy of Aadhar Card