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CBSE Correspondence Admission for Class 10th

Students who have to drop their studies of class 10th and who are unable to attend the school regularly can continue their studies through CBSE correspondence admission for class 10th facility. Correspondence system is free of regular classes, school attendance and time bounded programs. This facility is for those students who are not able to attend or could not attend regular school because of any personal reasons.

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is an education board, formulated by the government of India. The objective of the CBSE board is to provide secondary and senior secondary school education to all the students in India. In order to fulfill this objective, CBSE conducts board exams for class 10th and class 12th every year. CBSE provides a facility for correspondence admission. This is the best opportunity for students who have failed or dropped out from school. You can apply for CBSE correspondence admission if you belong to any of the following categories:

  •    If you are failed in class 9th school exam from any school
  •    You are passed class 8th with one year gap
  •    You are studied up to class 9th privately
  •    If you are unable to continue regular schooling for any reason
  •    You got re-compartment in class 10th board exam
  •    You are willing to apply for improvement of marks or grades after class 10th board exams
  •    Teachers in CBSE affiliated schools, willing to study further

Patrachar Group of Institutions comes to help you for CBSE Correspondence Admission

Since the year 1999, Patrachar Group of Institutions is engaged in the service of helping school student community. The expert teaching professionals of Patrachar Group of Institutions, have enabled thousands of class 10th failed students to pass exams conducted by CBSE Board. If you approach us for your admission and coaching for class 10th, our experts will assist you in filling up the application form of CBSE correspondence admission for class 10th, attaching the required documentation proof for admission, getting your admit card for the exam and help to get hall ticket for class 10th public examination. Your passing gets assured by the efficient training you get in the coaching classes conducted in Patrachar Group of Institutions. You can join coaching classes according to your convenience of timings in the morning, evening and weekend classes.

CBSE Correspondence Admission is the best opportunity provided by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to appear for class 10th board examination and get the passing certificate for further studies. You can use this chance by contacting Patrachar Group of Institutions immediately and reappear in class 10th CBSE board exams. After joining our coaching classes, you can pass the class 10th CBSE exam conducted for the subjects in which you could not obtain pass marks in your previous exam. By the expert training, you get through the special coaching classes of Patrachar Group of Institutions, you become more knowledgeable and expert with the subjects where you failed earlier.


Admission Enquiry

Documents Required for CBSE Correspondence Admission for Class 10th

  1. Original school leaving certificate is required if you are pass or failed in class 9th from a regular recognized school. The certificate is duly countersigned by the education officer of the area.
  2. You have to submit your original date of birth certificate issued by the local municipal corporation if you have studied privately up to class 9th.
  3. Those students who have passed or failed in class 8th with one year gap have to submit the original school leaving certificate which is duly countersigned by the education officer of the area.
  4. The student must have completed 14 years of age as on 31st March in the year in which you want to take admission.
  5. The student may enclose the self-attested copy of any one of the following documents as a residence proof:
  • Ration Card showing the name of the student in the legible form
  • The Voter ID Card showing the name of the student in legible form. In the case of a minor, the Voter ID Card of parents is also acceptable
  • Passport of the student
  • Electricity bill or landline bill
  • Current rent agreement in the name of parents as a tenant
  • Self-attested photocopy of driving license in the name of candidate issued from Delhi Transport Authority
  • Self-attested photocopy of Aadhar Card

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Subjects Offered for CBSE Correspondence Admission for Class 10th

Before taking CBSE Correspondence Admission for Class 10th, students should decide the subjects which they will select in the board exam very carefully as the stream or subject chosen at this time will affect your career in the future.

The list of subjects offered by CBSE Correspondence Admission for Class 10th, is given below:






Class 10th (X)                                          General                                     English A

English B

Hindi A

Hindi B




Social Science (Compulsory)



Home Science


2 Languages + 3 Subjects including Social Science and One Additional Subject