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Candles have a very old tradition with the basic function of being a source of light. Since a very long time, it is use to lightning up the area and also to decorate houses during festivals, celebrations, or parties. The trend is carriy out from the olden days to the present day in a modern world with many advancements and increase the benefits of candles. The first candles were made of tallow composed of animal residue and later on, beeswax and paraffin were used. With advancements and new technology, various types of candles came into existence that changed the complete scenario of candle making.

With all these innovations, candle making became a profitable opportunity for those people who wish to work from home. Before starting with the candle making venture you need to ensure that you have gathered the entire candle making supplies. The supplies can vary depending on the type of candles you wish to make. Different suppliers are used for scented candles, gel candles, and wax candle making. With the supplies, anyone can try making candles at home but for those people who wish to take it in a professional manner, they can enroll for candle making courses. In candle making courses, they can learn basic candle making for beginners as well as advanced candle making course depending on the needs and desires. Apart from this many of these training institutes and hobby classes give good candle making instructions books that becomes a lifelong help in the candle making process.

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Candle Making Classes

How to make candles is a bit messy affair but once you become master in it a simple candle can open the gateway to the world of entrepreneurs in the competitive market. All that is required is a dedication to learn and a bit of zeal. With the basic learning and good candle making tips, you can give a kick start to your business. Many people who learn this art start their career from home and from there they distribute different types of candles to warehouses, big shops, and departmental stores.

The key reason why these candles are preferred choice in the market is that these are homemade and unique in their own form. Whether it is floating candles, gel candles, decorative candles, or scented candles, classes and courses are available for all age group. You can learn how to make candles in professionally certified candle making course in Patrachar Group of Institutions.

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This Candle Making course in Patrachar Group of Institutions will take you through the basics of making your own candles. You will have more than 30 fragrances to choose from. If you like, you can also decorate your candles with the provided dried flowers like German chamomile, French lavender, yellow calendula, blue cornflower, rose petals, rose buds and white jasmine buds. In our course, you can also learn candle making with beeswax. This special class is for those who want to learn how to make candles using the most natural & safest wax.  Beeswax is highly prized wax because it is a long-lasting, clean-burning wax.  It is 100% natural, produced by bees and requires next-to-no processing, making it much safer than other chemical-ridden wax.

What will you learn in the class

  • You will learn the understanding of making candles
  • You will learn how to use the right tools and equipment to create candles
  • Can create beautiful candles using your choice of colour and fragrance
  • You will learn different types of waxes and their uses
  • The care and safety of the candles
  • Learn how to make pillar, stand-alone candles and container candles
  • Learn how to choose the correct wick size for different candles, using a wick-sizing chart, and how to prime the wicks
  • You will learn how to reuse the molds or containers, after burning your candles at home (nothing gets wasted!)
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