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Art & Craft is a type of skill that typically refers to the assembling of handmade goods. Art & Craft typically involve making items that are not only attractive but useful as well. These items are generally made from raw and natural materials like fibers, wood, textiles, candles, stuffed toys, jewellery, ceramics, soap, coal, other solids etc.

Art and craft course is important to develop artistic skills, achieve your creative potential and increase your creativity. It also helps you in refreshing your minds. Handicraft is a variety of useful work to create decorative items which are made completely by hand or with simple tools. Art & Craft classes help to make a wide range of creative, design activities that are related to making things, objects, showpiece items with one’s hand and skill. Handicraft usually is applied to create items using traditional techniques in which you create items and decorative pieces with your hand.

Types of Handicrafts

  • Textile Crafts: In Textile Crafts, fabric, yarn or surface design are used to create items. Few examples of textile crafts are knitting, quilting, applique, weaving, and dying, etc. Textile Crafts are also used to design wall hangings and many other home decorative items.
  • Paper Crafts: As the name suggests, these types of crafts have to do with wallpaper. Few examples of paper crafts include papermaking, calligraphy, designing kinds of stuff on paper etc.

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  • Decorative Crafts: Furniture making, metalwork, stencilling, stained glass, sponge ware, surface design on walls, basket designing, dry flower arrangement, soft toy making, etc. items fall into the category of decorative crafts. Nowadays, dry flower arrangement is used for interior decoration, party decoration and marriage functions.
  • Fashion Crafts: Fashion Crafts include making of jewellery, hats, leatherwork, shoes, belts, handbags, garments and other fashion items for men and women.
  • Functional Crafts: Functional Crafts are crafts which are used in our day-to-day life. The above-mentioned types of handicrafts can also be classified as functional crafts. For example, decorative pottery is made with components that are okay for your customers to eat, such as serving platters or designer utensils. Many furniture crafts are primarily functional but it can also be quite decorative.

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Art & Craft Classes

Art and Craft course is a perfect choice for those who are more interested in creative and artistic things like Painting and Designing. This course may not be completely based on any industry perspective, but it is excellent for those people who want to have their own identity within this amazing field or those too who want to learn this as a hobby.

It is understood that artistic creativity comes from within the person. What formal education does is that it gives the artists better ways and methods to explore and express themselves. Art &Craft classes in Patrachar Group of Institutions smoothly mix the little but necessary theoretical knowledge with an adequate amount of practical applications. It allows learners to become better artists. In our Art & Craft classes, subjects ranging from simple movement of a pencil to advanced ones like foil painting are taught to students so that they can present their creativity beautifully on canvas.

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