Abacus, Abacus classesAbacus is an ancient number calculating tool that used from centuries. Early societies used some form of it to count and do arithmetic long before they invented numbers. Mostly, they calculated number problems by moving stones or beans around in grooves or on tablets. You can still see the abacus is using in parts of Asia and Africa by merchants and traders who work with the swiftness of lightning. It has now been proven as a complete brain development tool over last two decades. It became popular over the world after being transformed from a calculating instrument into a system having immense power to benefit children of small ages. Abacus Classes expands brain usage, in addition to making maths learning easy and effective.

An abacus tool allows performing basic arithmetic operations like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. It can also help to carry out operations such as counting up to decimal places, calculate sums having negative numbers etc.

  • It is one of the most popular calculating tool and methods from ancient times
  • Children do fast calculations in their mind by visualizing the bead movements of Abacus
  • Researches prove that Abacus learners use both sides of the brain i.e. left hemisphere & right hemisphere
  • It is highly effective in improving the concentration level of children
  • Mental Arithmetic is a term that is using in Abacus for the calculations done in mind
  • In Mental Arithmetic, even large numbers can be calculated in mind, that too within seconds
  • Mental arithmetic improves the imagination skills of the student
  • It is useful and effective in cracking competitive time-based tests.
  • Mind calculation enhances the concentration level of the child.

Abacus Classes

You can train your children in Abacus through Abacus classes organized at Patrachar Group of Institutions. Little children have difficulty grasping arithmetic calculations because it is not something they can see or touch. By working with beads on the abacus frame, math becomes something your child can easily understand. At Patrachar Group of Institutions, we provide Abacus classes because it is an invaluable tool to help children understand mathematics.

Our classes offer a specialized course, which is proven as a “Brain Development Program” for children. It is a boon for children as it enables them not only to learn to do mental maths but also to utilize all functions of both of their left and right brain. We at Patrachar Group of Institutions work in accordance with the psychology of the children. We understand the importance of ‘play’ in the life of a child and implement playful methods in our lessons. So, we make their learning experience joyful and memorable in effective learning.

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As the level of learning abacus for children’s increases, its complexity also increases and it requires regular practice. Abacus maths for children become boring due to the same monotonous way of exercising problems. But, in our Abacus classes, teachers ensure proper engagement and keep the interest of the children alive, by making them practice sums on a gaming platform that is bright and vibrant. Our training program is different from the other institutions, as we are not only offering franchise like others but we are teaching abacus to children. In this way, our Abacus class is one of the best Abacus classes in Delhi.

Benefits of Abacus

Most of the people are unaware of the benefits associated with abacus course for children. Definitely, this course ensures an increase in speed of the arithmetic calculations with accurate results. At Patrachar Group of Institutions, Abacus does a lot more for kids at an early age. It develops the ability to utilize both the left and right brain functions simultaneously. Below are some benefits in the Abacus course:

  • Visualization
  • Focus and Concentration
  • Logical reasoning
  • Photographic memory
  • Recall
  • Mental skills
  • Proficiency in math
  • Creativity
  • Sharpens memory
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Imagination skills